About Us

Facing the challenges of globalization, it has become imperative to participate more actively in building every aspect of life to create religious, independent, creative generation, perceptive to global and technological changes.
Fajar Hidayah Group intends to upgrade and expand educational services to the community in the formal education program for youths in the primary and high school age category by constructing new school buildings with adequate facility and efficient management. The Foundation developed an Integrated Islamic School using national curriculum unriched with English; Arabic and International orientation.
Fajar Hidayah Group comprising of Fajar Hidayah Foundation and Fajar Hidayah Ltd. Company were established by Mrs. Hj. Draga Rangkuti, MBA with co-founder Mr. H. Mirdas Eka Yora, Lc.,MSc. in Jakarta on 13th August 1998.
Mrs. Draga Rangkuti, MBA is a graduate of Philippine School of Business Administration in Accounting Major, completed MBA Program at De La Salle University, Manila, currently pursuing Doctoral Degree in Management Strategy at University of Indonesia and having experiences in banking, automotive and construction industries. Mr. Mirdas Eka Yora, Lc. is a graduate of LIPIA (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Islam dan Arab), Jakarta – Universitas Imam Muhammad Bin Saud, major in Islamic Law, graduate of Master Degree in International Business Administration at University of
Indonesia and having experience in islamic education and preaching. Fajar Hidayah Group formulated integrated operations that benefit social and commercial activities based on Islamic values and principles.

Today, Fajar Hidayah Group has grown into professional institutions involving professional people from different backgrounds. Continues learning and human development with the bless of Allah SWT are the key factor on Fajar Hidayah achievements.

Our Philopsophy

Fajar Hidayah believes that every childis a unique individual withspecial abilities and talents. We believe children grow best in an environment that can nurture their potential and help them to be the best that they can be.

Our Vision
A world of religious, independent, creative, and technologically advanced Moslem generation perceptive to the dynamics of global changes.

Our Mission
To continuously develop high quality Islamic educational institutions for the present and future generation of moslem